The horses. The bourbon. The thriving food & bar scene. What's not to love? In the past five years, Lexington has developed a booming hospitality and tourism culture. It is seriously awesome! The problem, though is that there is so much to do, how do you choose what to see? Will you go to Woodford or Town Branch, Country Boy or West Sixth, dive into the downtown drink culture, or take in the beautiful Lexington countryside?

That's where we come in. 

Commonwealth Custom Experiences was created to take the pain out of planning your Kentucky adventures. We know the area, we know bourbon, and we know what you'll love to see (and what you'd rather skip!). Choose from one of our already amazing experiences, or work with our curators to create your own.











The Difference
Commonwealth Custom Experiences strives to create a unique adventure for every one of our customers. Here is what you'll get when you use CCE:

  • An Experience Curator- Someone who will work with you to plan your itinerary for the day, and will be there with you throughout the tour. Our Experience Curators have extensive backgrounds in the bourbon and tourism industries, and are far more than just drivers. 

  • A confirmed itinerary- We plan your day and purchase all your tickets for you before you arrive, so you won't have to worry about booking them. The day is tailored to your specific points of interest, and will be emailed to you before the day of your experiences.

  • Pick Up/Drop off- Why should you have to drive to a pick up point? We'll pick you up, and drop you off too. 

  • Flexibility- Want to add another distillery during the day? Change gear and go to a brewery you just found out about? Go get a cocktail after lunch? No problem. We build this for you, and we work on your time. 

​What are you waiting for? Get started!

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