The Lex Region

Lexington is home to world class bourbon in the heart of horse country. When booking, we typically try to make a day that is a combination of 3-4 distillery tours and tastings. Or, if you want to see more what Lexington has to offer, we can combine a couple distilleries with a horse farm or brewery! Just let us know what your interest

is! Due to COVID-19, we ask that you list at least 5 distilleries you would be interested in, as some may not be available!


Lex Region Pro Tips: 

  • Pair a major brand with a craft experience! Example- Head to Wild Turkey and Four Roses, and pair it with James E. Pepper

  • Upgrade your package and ask for a VIP tasting at Justins' House of Bourbon 

  • Visit two distilleries and then request a horse farm experience!

  • Try to stay in the region- For example, we understand you may want to visit Jim Beam and Buffalo Trace in the same day, and we can do it! Just know that distilleries outside of the this region will likely involve an hour or more commute, which lessens the amount of experiences you can see in a single day! If you want to get more value from your experience, book multiple days with a stop in each region



Available Distilleries in the Lex Region

  • Buffalo Trace

  • Woodford Reserve (currently closed)

  • Wild Turkey 

  • Town Branch (currently closed)

  • Four Roses- store visit only, no tours yet!

  • Bulleit Bourbon (weekends only)

  • James E. Pepper

  • Jeptha Creed 

  • Bluegrass Distillers 

  • Castle & Key

  • Glenns Creek 


  • 1-2 people: $425 for a one day experience

  • 3-11 people: $169 per person, per day

*Lunch/additional drinks not included in the price

*Please note that some distilleries may not be open yet due to COVID-19. Please be flexible as we may suggest other alternatives to your requested distillery stops! *