5 Reasons to Visit Your Favorite Distilleries in the Winter

This winter, you can warm up with our coolest special yet! Whisky on Ice, our winter special, explores Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and Glenns Creek Distillery. It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come sip on some of your favorite bourbons. Below we have five reasons why you should visit your favorite distilleries in the winter!

1. Smaller Crowds

The slowest time of the year for bourbon tourism is December-March. This means that your tour group size will be smaller, the gift shops won't be as crowded, and the line at the bar will be significantly smaller! For people wanting to see some distilleries without the crowds, this is the time of year to come.

2. More Personal Tour Experiences

With less people, the tour guide can focus more on individualizing guest experiences. While most distilleries try to always do this, the truth of the matter is big groups require a lot more attention, and the guide spends more time moving groups than engaging with them. Winter is a great time to get to know the distilleries you love!

3. More Comfortable Weather!

Yes, Kentucky can get cold in the winter. BUT, would you rather be cold or hot? Summer time temperatures can get up to 90+ degrees, with distillery temperatures exceeding well over 100! In the winter distilleries are just warm enough to be cozy, without being uncomfortable.

4. Save lots of $$$

With our winter special, you'll save an average of $15-$20 a person for a tour experience! This means more money for those hard-to-find bourbons in the gift shops! You'll be the envy of all your bourbon collecting friends.

5. We're Waiting for You!

We'll help you customize your experience! Whether you love our winter special, or want to see some other options, we're here to customize an experience for you. Start today by visiting us at commonwealthexperiences.com

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