Explore our Bardstown Itinerary!

Where You'll Visit:

Maker's Mark Distillery

Star Hill Provisions

Willett Distillery

Heaven Hill

Why Choose the Bardstown Itinerary:

Bardstown is the Bourbon Capital of the world! Bardstown, named "The Most Beautiful Small Town in America" has a wonderful small town feel with some of the best distilleries! Our Bardstown itinerary is meant to show off what we love most about the town- that it has a great mix of both major and craft distilleries!

Maker's Mark, our first stop, has the historical charm and major bourbon distribution that people come to see on the Bourbon Trail! In addition to the stunning art and 46 cave (bourbon literally aging in a cave!), Maker's true highlight is getting to dip a bottle on your own. The gift shop features several bottles to choose from, with a chance to add their signature red wax to a bottle!

At Starhill Provisions, the onsite restaurant at Maker's Mark, you'll get fast casual Kentucky favorites, including the Kentucky classic- a hot brown! Not to mention, their Ale-8-One bourbon slushies are amazing, and you have a chance to purchase a flight of their Private Select offerings!

Willett Distillery offers the chance to see the craft side of distillation! Their quaint grounds and unique distillery gives guests an intimate view of the distillation process. Willett's gift shop has great product, and sometimes features their hard-to-get collections!

The final stop, Heaven Hill, is home to Elijah Craig, Larceny, Henry McKenna, and Pikesville! They've just undergone a major renovation, and their tasting rooms will delight your senses in more ways than one!

Additionally, one more great thing about Bardstown is that all the distilleries are very close to each other! (With the exception of Maker's…that one is a little far out!) If time permits, we may be able to visit the gift shop of one of the other distilleries in the area- including Barton's, Lux Row, Preservation, Four Roses, and Jim Beam!

Bardstown is a great small town with an impressive list of distilleries! Book your trip with us here so we can take you!


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