A Saturday on the Trail

When you’ve seen nothing but rain for the last few weeks, there’s nothing better than spending a sunny Saturday driving around the back roads of Kentucky. This past weekend, we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and drove our amazing clients to Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, and Town Branch. We were even able to make a few unplanned stops at Country Boy Brewery and Justin’s House of Bourbon!

We started out in Frankfort for an early tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery. Though they aren’t on the Bourbon Trail, they are absolutely worth a visit! Their tours are complementary and end with a tasting of various products that they carry in their gift store. In our opinion, one of the best parts of Buffalo Trace is the stunning property. The locals definitely agree, and many of them were taking walks around the property to enjoy the morning (it was a bit chilly, but still very enjoyable outside!)

The original plan for the day was to have lunch in Frankfort after Buffalo Trace, but after the morning tour the clients weren’t ready to eat yet, so we rearranged the schedule a bit and drove to Four Roses for a tasting. Their distillery is based on old Spanish architecture, so the buildings are super unique. They are currently doing some renovations, so instead of waiting for the next tour, our clients opted to do just a tasting. Their tastings take place about every 30 minutes, and they are a great option for anyone looking to experience the brand without spending a huge amount of time and money.

After the tasting, we headed to scenic downtown Lawrenceburg to a local restaurant, Bluegrass Sabor. The menu included traditional Southern options that would suit anyone, and the Kentucky Hot Brown seemed to be a favorite. They also had a fully-stocked bar with tons of options, and our clients loved our recommendation of an Old Fashioned cocktail (one of our favorites!).

To make sure the day wasn’t too overwhelming, we left a little time open in the itinerary to enjoy Lexington. We suggested a beer at Country Boy, which broke up the distilleries nicely and was the perfect antidote for the inevitable slump that hits in the afternoon (especially after a big lunch)! The clients loved the Cougar Bait that’s currently on tap! Earlier in the day, our clients told us about a few specific bourbons they wanted to purchase while in Kentucky, so we made a few calls and found the bottles at Justin’s House of Bourbon in downtown Lexington. They’re our go-to for all of our bourbon needs! After a quick stop, our clients were able to leave with everything they wanted.

The last stop for the day was a distillery/brewery tour at Town Branch (Alltech), also in downtown Lexington. They are especially known for their Bourbon Barrel Ale, and their tasting included both their bourbon products and their beers. We love finishing our day here because it is so close to some of our favorite local downtown restaurants and bars. It was an amazing Saturday, and we can’t wait to do it again soon!

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